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Favorite food:My favorite food is cheese... i love it.

Favorite color:My favorite color is blue... I know it is typical but its a very cool color.

Favorite bands: Some of my favorite bands are incubus, the used, the red hot chili peppers
Favorite movies:My favorite movie is "School of Rock"

Tell us something random or funny about yourself:I call my dog "canine to 5" like the show on "animal planet" when her real name is siren:-)

Why should we like you: Because i am unique and i do my own thing. A lot of people think i am really weird if they dont know me personally but if they took the time to get to know me they would realize i am a pretty cool person at heart:-)

Tell us what YOU think about President Bush: I think he is a iresponsible person and unfit president. I think his views on war are wrong, in my oppinion.

**Post atleast 4 clear pictures of yourself**

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