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Name: Emily

Age: 15

Location: Jupiter, Florida

Favorite food: anything taco bell

Favorite color: pink or black

Favorite bands: afi, all american rejects, yellowcard, blink 182, justifide, p.o.d, thursday, thrice, rooney, pink floyd, jewel, john mayer, sanctus real, ginny owens, rachel lampa, bob marley, the get up kids, aretha franklin, something corporate, dashboard confessional, buidling 429, switchfoot, modest mouse, ben harper, franz ferdinand, jet

Favorite movies: jurassic park, finding nemo, the old james bond movies, the last samurai

Tell us something random or funny about yourself:
i own 45 belts.  i dont know.  i have a guinea pig with a big ass.

Why should we like you: because i like you.  and cuz im a cool chick with lots of love

Tell us what YOU think about President Bush:  he sucks.  we should have a president who doesnt involve our country in wars that we have no good reason of going except to please him and his fat cat friends.

**Post atleast 4 clear pictures of yourself**

 i dont really have good pictures....



me on the right

me on the left

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